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Firm's sell side

We prepare concept for optimal strategy and its implementation in designated time frame of the transaction

Firm's buy side

We capitalize on our market presence as well as well-established contacts in cooperation with your know-how in order to seek acquisition targets with high synergic effects. We will lead the buy process with emphasis of potential risks identification.


Our company is able to assure financing for your activities including processing of financial plans and communication with related financial institutions

Due Diligence

Complex Due Diligence with high focus on both financial and commercial aspects of the transaction.

Finding partners

We will find the ideal strategic or financial partner for you in the Czech Republic or abroad.


Providing analysis of business continuity with consideration of short-term and long-term cash flow management and factuality of budgeted revenue.

FINQUEST trade s.r.o.

The professional representation of entities on these selected markets and in specific branches of the industry of our clients of all companies from the EU.